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Mortgage Broker Links

Chris Murphy – Dominion Lending Centres Kelowna

Scott Peckford – Mortgage Architects

Terry Moore – Complete Mortgage Services

Philippe Daigle – Invis

Above are some links to some Mortgage Brokers that Bo Knows. We only recommend those brokers who Bo Knows will do a great job for you finding the best mortgage to suit your individual needs.  These brokers have proven that they can be creative, efficient, customer service oriented and, best of all, they can save you time and money!

Save on your mortgage rates and let someone else do all the negotiation and hard work for you!  If you’re only talking to a bank, you’re probably going to pay too much.  If you’re not using a mortgage broker, you should be. What are you waiting for?


You should have a Pre-Approval in hand before you begin home hunting – it will put you in the best bargaining position. You will know what you qualify for, in advance, and you will have a stronger position in any negotiation process.

You may choose a secure mortgage application online, contact one of the mortgage brokers I recommend working with, or choose to work with your own mortgage broker or bank. In any case, I highly recommend that this should be one of the first steps of your home hunting process.

If you are not currently working with another mortgage broker, the following names are two brokers whom I have worked with and who are both capable of providing you with professional, innovative service.

Authorization: Online Mortgage Application – The information that you provide here will go directly to Chris Murphy of Dominion Lending Centres Kelowna and will be kept strictly confidential. Chris will be contacting you with a pre-qualification, but if you’d prefer to jumpstart the pre-approval process, he can be reached, at 250-717-5050 or 250-717-7164. Chris can provide you with a number of innovative and competitive mortgage products.

Using a Mortgage Broker Makes Sense

Why shouldn’t you just go down to your bank and get a mortgage on the home you want to buy?

The answer is that you can do that, but there are a lot more options available to you than there used to be. Unless you are an expert on home mortgages, it makes sense to work with someone who is. They can help you get the mortgage that makes the most sense to you, and they can “shop” a number of lenders to ensure you get the most favourable rates and conditions available to you. The art of a securing a mortgage is the course you probably didn’t learn in school, so every bit of professional assistance helps!