Schools and Colleges

This page is a guide to all schoole in the Central Okanagan area.  Schools are listed by geographical area, private or public school, and whetehr they are public or private.

Central Okanagan Public Schools
Central Okanagan School District 23 is the public school district serving the Okanagan.  For information view the School District 23 website

Elementary Schools:
Kelowna :
Black Mountain – Belgo Elementary (K-6 English, K-6 French Immersion)
Black Mountain – Black Mountain Elementary (K-6)
Ellison – Ellison Elementary (K-6)
Glenmore – Bankhead Elementary  (K-6)
Glenmore – Glenmore Elementary (K-6 English, K-6 French Immersion)
Lower Mission – Anne McClymont Elementary (K-7)
Lower Mission – A.S. Matheson Elementary  (K-6)
Lower Mission –  Casorso Elementary (K-6 English, K-6 French Immersion)
Lower Mission – Dorothea Walker Elementary (K-7)
Lower Mission – Raymer Elementary (K-6)
North Glenmore – North Glenmore Elementary (K-6)
North Gelnmore – Watson Road Elementary  (K-6)
Rutland North – Pearson Road Elementary  (K-6)
Rutland North – Rutland Elementary (K-6)
Rutland South – Quigley Elementary (K-6)
Rutland South – South Rutland Elementary (K-6)
Rutland South – Springvalley Elementary  (K-6)
Upper Mission – Chute Lake Elementary (K-7)

West Kelowna:
Glenrosa – Glenrosa Elementary (K-6)
Glenrosa – Helen Gorman Elementary (K-6)
Lakeview Heights – Chief Tomat Elementary (K-6)
Lakeview Heights – Hudson Road Elementary  (K-6)
Shannon Lake – Shannon Lake Elementary (K-6)
West Kelowna Estates – Rose Valley Elementary (K-6)
Westbank Centre – George Pringle Elementary (K-6 English, K-6 French Immersion)

Lake Country:
Lake Country West – Davidson Road Elementary (K-7)
Lake Country East – Oyama – Oyama Traditional School (K-7)
Lake Country East – Winfield – Peter Greer Elementary (K-7 English, K-6 French Immersion)

Peachland Elementary

Middle Schools

Lower Mission – KLO Middle -(7-9 English, 7-9 French Immersion)
Lower Mission – Okanagan Mission Secondary (8-12)
North Glenmore – Dr. Knox Middle  (7-9)
Rutland North – Rutland Middle (7-9)
Rutland South – Springvalley Middle (7-9)

West Kelowna:
Glenrosa – Glenrosa Middle (7-9)
Lakeview Heights – Constable Neil Bruce Middle (7-9)

Lake Country
Lake Country East – Winfield – George Elliot Secondary (8-12)

Secondary Schools 
Kelowna South – Kelowna Secondary (10-12 English, 10-12 French Immersion)
Lower Mission – Okanagan Mission Secondary (8-12)
Rutland North – Rutland Senior (10-12)

West Kelowna:
Lakeview Heights – Mount Boucherie Senior(10-12)

Lake Country:
Lake Country East – George Elliot Secondary (8-12)

Alternate School
Central School
 (Distance learning, Hospital/Homebound, Outreach Education, Continuing Education, Kelowna Storefront School)